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‘Lost Souls’ picks up the story of Tom’s struggle to come to terms with his personal loss as he sinks ever deeper into a drunken world of lost nights and half-remembered days.


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Lost Souls

Hotel St Kilda, Book 3


It’s been very exciting becoming an author – even if I am a bit of a late starter! I’ve had a great time writing the three books of the Hotel St Kilda trilogy – Catalyst, Heaven’s Door and Lost Souls. Just completing the manuscripts has given me an enormous feeling of achievement and a real sense of purpose in retirement. And I’m very pleased with the way they have turned out and how well they have been received by my readers.


Pleased for myself, of course, but also for all the people who provided me with practical help in the form of information and guidance, and for the even greater number who showed such an interest in the books and encouraged me to complete the saga, particularly during some challenging times when my enthusiasm and motivation waned through lack of inspiration. I thank them all.


If you have any comments or questions regarding any of the books or the series in general, I would love to hear from you. Just click on ‘Contact’ and send me an email.





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