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When three brothers, the leaders of a brutal gang, are lured to an isolated street and shot dead by a mysterious stranger, the subsequent euphoria on the estate where they lived is picked up by the national press... find out more


Hotel St Kilda, Book 1

About the Author

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I was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, in December, 1944. At the age of twenty-two, armed with a Higher National Certificate in Chemistry, I moved to Thurso, Caithness, where I worked for the UK Atomic Energy Authority at their Dounreay plant on the north coast of Scotland for two years, before moving to Salford in 1968 to complete a degree in Applied Chemistry at the city’s university. Following that, I worked for thirty-five years for Kellogg Company, the global breakfast cereal manufacturer, latterly in the role of Human Resources Director with responsibility for Pay and Benefits policy across the company’s European operation.


I retired from the company in December 2005, just a couple of weeks after my sixty-first birthday. This new freedom provided me and my wife, Carol, the chance to indulge our passion for hill-walking and we have undertaken one long-distance walk each year for the past seven years, with more already planned for the future.

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Even so, retirement from such a fulfilling job dumped me well and truly outside my comfort zone and left a significant gap in my life. My motivation for writing the story of Hotel St Kilda was an attempt to fill that gap.


My choice of subject originated from a short story I wrote over fifty years ago whilst at Hull Grammar School. The story drew critical acclaim from my peers in the third form (I guess that’s year nine in modern English) and was included in a school magazine. I’m not sure whether this fact already established me as a published author. I think probably not. That short tale, spanning a few hand-written pages, is essentially the basis of Chapter 2 of the first book, Catalyst, and from there the story developed as I wrote it around the skeleton of the plot. In fact, my intention was to produce a single book, until the words ran away with seemingly lives of their own, multiplying as they went, to produce a surprisingly long saga. The climax of the third book, Lost Souls, is based on another short story which I have had in my mind – though never put down on paper – for a good many years.


For the last forty-seven of my seventy-one years, I have lived in Manchester, forty-five of them married to Carol. We have two children, and two grandchildren. Incidentally, Carol is an artist and is responsible for the cover design of all three books.