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The public demand for radical change in law and order in the wake of a catalytic event on a tough East London estate featured in Catalyst, the first book in the 'Hotel St Kilda' Trilogy... find out more

Heaven's Door

Hotel St Kilda, Book 2

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The events of these past few months can be likened to the destabilising of a mountain top, creating a political and social avalanche of awesome, overwhelming power. As it cascades, unstoppable, in its devastating surge, it now seems certain that everything in its path will be either swept along with it or buried irretrievably beneath.


That is how one newspaper described the public demand for radical change in law and order in the wake of a catalytic event on a tough East London estate, which featured in Catalyst, the first book in the Hotel St Kilda trilogy.


Now with the second installment, Heaven’s Door, we rejoin the story as the new government, who swept to power off the back of the public’s appetite for reform, start to assert their control. The new measures for addressing street crime include lifetime banishment for worst offenders, a popular development which receives widespread support, and which Tom Brown, the Home Secretary, decides to extend to cover other serious crimes. Although he meets strong opposition to this change, he steadfastly pushes it through.


Then, at the zenith of his political achievement, and just when he seems reconciled with his family, his decision backfires. His private and political lives collide dramatically and Tom is faced with a devastating choice which, either way, will lead to personal tragedy..


Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Jo Cottrell and a former colleague, David Gerrard, begin looking into the circumstances that led to this situation and uncover unexpected liaisons which raise a number of questions…

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Heaven's Door

Hotel St Kilda, Book Two


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When three brothers, the leaders of a brutal gang, are lured to an isolated street and shot dead by a mysterious stranger, the subsequent euphoria on the estate where they lived is picked up by the national press.


Tom Brown, an MP for the Opposition Party, whose constituency includes the estate, seizes the opportunity to exploit the story. Having built a reputation as a champion of law and order, he leads the crusade to implement a New Justice Regime with several supporters in tow, including local campaigner George Holland who embarks on a tour of the country to rally support for radical change.


There are those who steadfastly oppose these reforms, one individual being Tom’s wife Maggie, a high-profile Human Rights activist. Their relationship suffers badly during his campaign, a situation which pushes him closer to Grace, his assistant.


When the killer is eventually caught and sentenced to life imprisonment, the gang sets out for revenge, targeting George for his outspoken condemnation of their activities and uncompromising proposals for their demise. They descend in large numbers on the quiet village where he lives, armed and ready to kill.


Meanwhile, Party Leader Andrew Donald is pursuing his own agenda…


This intriguing novel, the first of the Hotel St Kilda books, contains themes of politics, crime and the military with family drama at its heart, creating a wide appeal for readers both young and old.


Hotel St Kilda, Book One

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Lost Souls

Hotel St Kilda, Book Three

‘The body was lying face down, arms stretched forward and one leg crooked to the side.’


Lost Souls is the third thriller in the Hotel St Kilda trilogy by Prestwich author Michael Knaggs. Michael’s second book, Heaven’s Door, published in November 2014, described how Tom Brown, on his appointment as Home Secretary, introduced the New Justice Regime, which included new methods for addressing street crime involving lifetime banishment for worst offenders. When this extreme measure receives widespread public support, Tom decides to extend it to the next serious crime on his hit-list – Class A drug dealing. Then, at the zenith of his political achievement, his decision backfires, causing his private and political lives to collide dramatically…


‘Lost Souls’ tells the story of Tom’s struggle to come to terms with his consequences as he sinks ever deeper into a drunken world of lost nights and half-remembered days. Concern grows in government circles over his outspoken condemnation of the New Justice Regime, his own brain-child and the prime vehicle for getting the party elected.


Then the killing begins; a series of apparently unconnected loners, chillingly executed. A missing drug trader and a tenuous link to a mysterious stranger set the police off on a trail they have no wish to follow as the stakes are raised and the body count rises...


This book will appeal to fans of thriller and crime fiction. Based on feedback from his first two books in the trilogy, Michael has ‘an easy style of writing which draws the reader in’.


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Hotel St Kilda

The Complete Trilogy

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