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Catalyst - List of characters



Tom Brown – Member of Parliament for Princes and Marlburgh

Margaret (Mags) Tomlinson-Brown – Tom’s wife

Katey Tomlinson-Brown – Tom and Mags’s daughter

Jack Tomlinson-Brown – Tom and Mags’s son

Jason Midanda – Katey’s school friend



Tony Dobson – Freelance reporter



Andrew Donald – Leader of the Opposition, later Prime Minister

Jackie Hewlett – Shadow Home Secretary under Andrew Donald

Grace Goody – Executive Assistant to Tom Brown

Gerald Portman – Home Secretary, later Shadow Chancellor

Jenny Britani – Tom’s PA

Shirley Topliss – Andrew’s PA


Cullen Field

Jimmy Brady – Gang leader

Kevin Brady – Jimmy’s brother and gang member

Karl Brady – Kevin’s twin and gang member

Lucille Ambrose – Alma’s next door neighbour

Barney Ambrose – Lucille’s husband

Mary Enderby – Resident

Winston Enderby – Resident, Mary’s husband

Joaquin ‘Jokey’ Enderby, Mary and Winston’s youngest son


Meadow Village

George Holland – President, Meadow Village 3AF

Irene Holland – George’s wife

Fred Dawson – Secretary, Meadow Village 3AF

Arnold Danby – Speaker at 3AF meeting

Ben Neville – Farmer

Alistair Neville – Farmer, brother of Ben



David Gerrard – Detective Chief Inspector in charge of case

Joannita (Jo) Cottrell – Detective Sergeant

Geoff Drury – Detective Constable, part of David’s team

Murray Davenport - ditto

Catherine Baxter - ditto

Omar Shakhir - ditto

Allan Pickford – Detective Superintendent, David’s boss


Military/Special Ops

Mike Hanson – Corporal, Royal Marines - sniper

John Deverall – ex-Major SAS; sniper

Peter Drake – Captain, Secret Service Agency

Vicky Barrowclough – Corporal, Internal Investigation Section

Barrington Henshaw – Brigadier, Head of G2 (Phoenix Operations)

Clive Granville – Solicitor


The Old Bailey

Dean Calvert – Barrister, Lorimar’s defence counsel

Penny Cartwright – Barrister, prosecuting counsel

Justice Owen Templar – Judge, Recorder of London, presiding at Lorimar’s trial

Sir Charles Nicholson – Lord Chief Justice


Heaven’s Door – New characters


Mickey Kadawe – Friend of Jason and Jack

Megan – Jack’s girlfriend

Leila Midanda – Jason’s mother

Randall (Sammo) Sampson – Licensed drug trader

Lawrence (Laser) Newhouse – drug user



Sylvie Hanker – BBC Chief Political Correspondent



Calum Nicholson – Chief Prison Officer, Lochshore High Security Centre

G Alistair (Gally) McPherson - Calum’s deputy

Douglas Rankin – Captain of PTV1

Lawrence Harding – Permanent Undersecretary of State for Prisons

Mike Needham – Designer of Hotel St Kilda


Lochshore Trip

Josh Wilcox – pilot

Matty Jaynes – Tom’s aide

Cheryl Webber – Tom’s aide, companion for Mags

Simon – Security guard


Lochshore meeting

Gordon Sutherland – Westminster MP Argyle & Bute

Eleanor Morrison – SMP Argyle & Bute

Allan Macready - Secretary of State for Scotland

Stephen Beresford - Head of Scottish Prison Service

Donald McClure - Head of Grampian Police



John Mackay - Superintendent, Jo Cottrell’s boss, Guildford New Station                        

Harry Waters – Detective Inspector, Guildford CID

Shana Whitelock – uniform PC, Guildford New Station

W W Wallace – Superintendent, Leicester police; nickname ‘Dotcom’

Seb Carter – Detective Sergeant, Leicester CID; later Jo’s boyfriend



Jonathan Latiffe – Justice Minister

Kim Lacey – Jonathan’s PA



Guildford Crown Court

Daniel Hastings – Defence lawyer, friend of Tom and Mags

Justice Miles Pendle – Judge

Jeremy Forsythe – Prosecuting counsel

Lorna Prentiss – Defence counsel

Billy Wade – drug user (witness)

Jonnie Denver – Landlord of Cross Keys pub in Woking (witness)

Lost Souls – New characters


Oscar Strange – Tom’s neighbour at Balmaha, SW1


Sweet Rock Hall

Catrina Thompson – singer, stage name Lilli Bo-Peep

Dagger-Zee – lead guitarist, Abattoir Ratts


Police - Guildford

Craig Belmont – Detective Sergeant, member of Harry Waters’ MIT

Natalie Crusoe – Detective Constable, member of Harry’s MIT

Alice Grantham – ditto

George Clancy – ditto

Owen Bradley – ditto

Elizabeth (Beth) Gordon – ditto

Tina Ramirez – Detective Sergeant, Guildford CID

(Doctor) Amy White – Pathologist

Rory Jarvis – Senior SOCO

(Doctor) Donovan Menzies – Head of On-Site Forensic Services, Guildford

Louise Thornbury – woman helping police with enquiries


Police – Ullapool

Charlie Stuart – Detective Inspector, Highland & Islands Region

Isabel Macken – Detective Sergeant, Wester Ross Division

Rob Cameron – Senior Officer, CSIU


Kade’s Team

Kade – Leader, ex US Navy SEALS

Lydia van Roden – Doctor of Psychology

Sergei Rouschek – ex Russian FSB

Shirley-Ann Donnelly – ex US Navy SEALS

Jules Cartier – ex GIGN – French counter-terrorism unit

Enrico (Rico) Santana – ex Peruvian commandos




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